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How to begin your genealogical search

You are the beginning.

Work back from yourself using a genealogical chart (chart may be filled out online and printed or e-mailed). Go step-by-step without skipping generations. Try to follow one line at a time. Get as much data from family members and old family records as possible before venturing into libraries and courthouses.

Remember to stress the importance of geographic information in your research. Where is very important in your research.

Work out a method to organize all your information. Keep a notebook or card file. Remember to write down all information about materials you check to prevent duplicating sources.

Find a good basic guide to beginning genealogy and read it carefully. Also, the library will provide you with information on workshops and courses available to the public.

Written queries to libraries or private researchers should always be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. You are more likely to have a reply if you take this simple step.

Ancestry has a great section on forms to assist getting you started https://www.ancestrylibrary.com/download/charts

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